Merced Camera Club, Getting The Picture
Getting The Picture

This is a monthly (or so) feature of our site, in which Merced Camera Club members provide their thoughts
about the creation of some of our favorite images.

May, 2010

"Patriotism" -Tom Frazier

How itís done:

1. Place small flag (12 x18 inches or so) on the ground

2. Place a sheet of glass about two feet above the flag.

3. Carefully put droplets on the glass. The droplets should not spread out. Try a thin coat of clear cooking oil on the glass. Some say glycerin works better than water.

4. Use a tripod.

5. Use a macro lens.

6. Focus on the water droplets where you will see tiny images of the flag.

7. Move the flag around to get the position of the blurred background the way you like it.

8. Try other colors and shapes Ė it doesnít have to be an American flag.

Nikon D200 camera
200 mm macro lens
Natural light, outdoors, cloudy day
Exposed for one second at f22

The Birdie