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Getting The Picture

This is a monthly (or so) feature of our site, in which Merced Camera Club members provide their thoughts
about the creation of some of our favorite images.

February, 2013

"Jack Rabbit" -- Lloyd Hall

How it’s done:

The east end of Sandy Mush Road ends at 99 Highway. About a mile and a half west on Sandy Mush Road was my rabbit hunting area when I was a sixteen year old boy in 1944.

The area had literally hundreds of Jack Rabbits and shooting three or four did nothing to the population.

George Willet had a cattle ranch in that area and later sold it to a family named Biggers that raised alfalfa hay. I was told by Mr. Biggers that the rabbits were given the “outside” checks of the alfalfa and the many other checks were left alone by the rabbits.

I seldom see a Jack Rabbit any more so the first time I had the opportunity to photograph one I did.

The sad part to me is various species are given protection to “save” a few. Not so for Mr. Jack Rabbit. This picture is my way of saying I think they are a beautiful animal.

The Birdie

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